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These female inmates are even looking to further their education while incarcerated.

Inmates finding pen pals to write on the “outside” was the way to go.

Here lately though I have been back a few days and I have a lot of women that viewed my profile but only one that started a conversation, and another that I thought was starting a conversation but I believe she just hit the meet me button, and it sent me a reply.Contacting people as a penpal to begin with, even for ‘penpals dating’ (where you make it clearer that you are looking for potential dates) gives you the chance to get to know someone a little at first.Of course getting to know penpals online is not necessarily the same as getting to know people offline — for you will tend to see less of a rounded picture of the person, it is easier for people to hide things than it is offline, and so on.As you surely know, Selly G made headlines back in January when she was caught making out with the singer only a handful of months after he called it quits with her supermodel pal.The It-girl clearly isn't stoked about the budding romance as she flipped the bird to the paparazzi back when the news first broke about her ex and the artist. Case in point: the Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, The Weeknd love triangle.


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