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Now I don't know why, but I have completely lost interest in dating and relationships.Maybe I stayed single for too long after my last relationship, but I had a... I don’t want to hurt her but I don’t want to waste her time either. In my opinion, this one is pretty simple; all it takes is just a bit of maturity combined with honesty and sensitivity. When two people begin to date, they put so much on the line. I applaud you for writing in about a dating scenario that is all too often mishandled.Ok, I'm a 27 year old male who was involved in a few relationships before, but none of them worked out, and I've been single since 4 years.Now I don't know why, but I have completely lost interest in dating and relationships.They reason that vanishing without a trace is better than rejecting someone out right…right? By not addressing the situation, you will often succeed at exactly the thing you want to avoid: hurting someone.

Don't tell someone you will call them when you know you are not really interested in seeing them again.

Just tell them you are not interested and then move on. You do more damage to someone's self-esteem by leading them on when you know it will go nowhere.

No one likes rejection however in the long run most people would appreciate the direct approach instead of giving them false hope.

Normally considerate people will justify completely disappearing by saying they don’t want to hurt the other person.

They convince themselves it is better to just fade away.


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