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know, waiting to see if they booted off the insanely untalented Megan, Scott or Anoop (Megan .Lady Gaga doesn't seem like she has the time to be dating these days, anoop and megan dating but it appears . Cha Cha Answer: Anoop Desai and Megan Joy Corkrey, sources say are an item.Parking is free of charge for everyone thanks to the generosity of Steve Kalafer and Byron Brisby, owners of Flemington Car and Truck Country Family of Dealerships.Flemington Car and Truck Country will make a 0 donation to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset for every customer who brings a ticket from the parking deck to one of its dealerships and purchases a vehicle.I was looking on Mediabase the other day -- yes, I'm a nerd – and there are songs from 2009. I've always been about wanting people to spread my music and share it. So while there’s stuff going up on i Tunes May 11, the second album is already written and the third album is halfway done, too. THR: The music industry is looking at ways to collect money for music, yet you’re for giving it away. Desai: If you only have the mind of, “We have to sell this music and I have to make money on this music,” then it's not really about the music anymore; it's about the money.It just seems slow to react, and as a songwriter, singer and performer, I never want to be slow to react, but at the end of the day, I want to be a Top 40 artist -- adult contemporary and urban-leaning. THR: What is your process when it comes to writing and working with producers? I'm not saying I don’t want to make money, but I'm thinking a little more long-term than just making a buck today.The Idukki dam is the first Indian arch dam build across the Periyar river in Kerala and the largest arch dam in Asia.

The Hollywood Reporter: One of the things that’s instantly noticeable about and your music in general is how you can navigate multiple genres and different sounds that go beyond pop-R&B. Going though my i Tunes, I have Frank Sinatra, then Adele, then Mumford and Sons, T-Pain, Avril Lavigne Radiohead...

This way, he reasons, his music is as fresh as its gets -- as in, still warm from the recording studio to your hard drive. “Musically, Atlanta is a lot more diverse than Nashville,” he says.

A North Carolina native, Desai lived in Los Angeles for a stint post-, but ultimately decided to return east, settling in Atlanta. “But the level at which all these different types of music are happening is like in LA.” What other music industry insights has Desai picked up since being wild carded in 2008?

Parking for the Steeplechase Cancer Center is adjacent to the center.

Patients and visitors will need to take a ticket to enter the Rehill Avenue garage.


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