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Jan, Katja je rekla, da naj se predstavim v krajšem odstavku. Sem Jan, tekstopisec, ko je treba in popotnik, ko se ponudi priložnost.Lani jeseni sva se s punco vrnila iz enoletnega potepanja, a sem kmalu spet zaslišal klic Japonske in rezerviral karto (kaj pa naj druga? Tako se začenja pustolovščina »Jan Solo: Vrnitev med gejše«, Chewbacca pa tokrat ostaja doma.Quite apart from the fact that 31 people died as a result of the attack – including two unborn children – and approximately 220 were injured, what singled out this terrible act of terrorism from so many others in Northern Ireland was the fact that it took place only weeks after the Good Friday Agreement, and in defiance of the peace process that it heralded.Fifteen years on, that process seems to have done much of its work.I've been doing various bits and pieces of promotion for the series, including interviews with the press, and that will continue for the next few days.I'll be making a visit to the John Daly Show tomorrow, and the Stephen Nolan Show on Monday morning.

Ima moderna mesta, udobne avtobuse, lokalne vasice in rajske otočke.

Within a hundred yards of this spot is the site of the earliest human settlement in Ireland.

In fact, the distinguished archeologist who identified that site as the cradle of civilisation in Ireland, back in 1973, is standing to my right in the picture.

Ker država združuje tri močne kulture: malezijsko, kitajsko in indijsko, pa...

I want no funny comments about this press picture for Blueprint, our natural history series which begins on Monday night.


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