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Doing so, the website that blocked your IP address cannot identify your IP address and you'll be able to access the website via the proxy web.I hope that now you better understand how you can benefit from a web proxy service.A web-based proxy service is the perfect online proxy tool to unblock websites blocked in your country or blocked by other Internet restrictions, such as a firewall software, a malicious application or a hosts file modification.Remember, if your favorite website or a web forum has blocked/banned your IP address you can use a web proxy to bypass the ban and access the website or forum that blocked you.In other words, this component of our system is designed to identify the typical behavior of automated brute-force attacks and stop those requests from reaching our network.If these requests go un-checked, this results in wasted resources and affects the overall performance of your hosting services.2 days later my account got banned again while i didn't even use the site a lot! I made a new account on my tablet and pc but they got banned as well. I'll be traveling soon so i might get one in another country, will they indentify me if i use a brand new phone with brand new pictures? I feel really bad about being banned for something i didn't do.. You didn't say why they banned you the first time, but I can guess why.

Our network includes a number of security measures to ensure a clean, trouble-free environment for your hosting services.

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Perhaps someone has your account login and is doing something to get you banned?

Or perhaps you just want to use the site in a way they don't approve of and that's why you keep getting banned?


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