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There are also those couples that lasted to the end but were not completely “bullet proof” so to speak.

The most common format for the majority of the seasons is as follows: – Weeks 1 thru 5: Dancers are broken down to couples and they stay with in these pairings for the first five weeks of competition.

Each contestant dances a solo, with each other and as a group.

Benji and Travis dance with each other for the first time, was well as Heidi and Donyelle.

reality competition show, he became something of a Mormon superstar.

– Weeks 6 thru 9: Dancers are now split up and given a random partner with each week.

There are also other changes to note: – Season 8 on Week 6 all dancers are only paired with a dancer from a previous season – Season 1 all dancers were given a random partner from Week 1 thru Week 7 – Season 7 all dancers were given a random partner from a previous season from Weeks 1 thru 7 and there was only a Top 11 The following tables only depict the couples from Seasons 2 thru 6, 8 and 9.


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