Chalker updating the model of female sexuality

What female body part is the size of a fingertip, has over 6,000 nerve fibers, is the key to women's sexual pleasure, and has managed to elude countless female anatomy books? With over 6,000 nerve fibers concentrated into a radius the size of a fingertip, the clitoris is the one body part whose sole purpose is pleasure.Despite this fact, the clitoris has been dismissed, undervalued, unexplored, and misunderstood for hundreds of years.For over 2,500 years, the clitoris and the penis were presumed to be equivalent in all respects.After the 18th century, however, this knowledge was gradually suppressed and forgotten, and the definition of the clitoris as an extensive organ system all but disappeared.

"Easy to read" does not mean "inferior information". Anyone interested in having sex with a woman, or women who think they know their bodies pretty damn well, should read this book at least twice.Fascinating from cover to cover, and even the most knowledgeable expert will learn a thing or two after reading this." Many women are dissatisfied and unhappy with their sex lives because they don't understand their own anatomy.Some of the information in this book may make people uncomfortable or feel awkward, but it's definitely worth a look.:) I found this book on the shelf of my favorite coffeehouse's women's studies section. What initially caught my attention was the wordplay, and then the subject matter.


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