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The seventh session of the Sri Lanka-India Joint Commission was held on 26th November 2010 in Colombo. India-Sri Lanka relations have diversified with the passage of time, encompassing all areas of contemporary relevance, including trade, services and investment, development cooperation, science and technology, culture and education.

Krishna, Minister of External Affairs of India and Hon'ble G. The two Ministers agreed that the shared cultural and civilizational heritage of India and Sri Lanka, the extensive people-to-people interaction and their common strategic concerns and interests provided the foundation to build a vibrant and multi-faceted partnership.

I note that among those who addressed the very first Summit and set the tone for it was Sri Lanka's former Foreign Minister, the late Lakshman Kadirgamar a man of great talent, scholar of repute, diplomat without peer and a great humanitarian - yet another victim of a terrorist bullet.

The Ministers also reaffirmed the importance of the Joint Commission mechanism to monitor implementation of bilateral understandings. The Joint Commission reiterated the need to substantially enhance the range and depth of the India-Sri Lanka bilateral relationship through greater economic integration to achieve the shared goals of alleviating poverty, creating wealth and bringing about progress and prosperity for the people of the two countries.As a print media leader with a tradition of commitment to truth and progress from colonial times to the present, the Hindustan Times remains a proud and courageous media icon of India today.This Summit is a creative and practical forum to reflect on the challenges for the future, so that the stakeholders can try and shape that future.India and Sri Lanka share common values and traditions as well as a common commitment to democratic governance.Both countries have taken a similar trajectory in international relations, having emerged from the colonial yoke, India in August 1947 and Sri Lanka five months later in February 1948.CHAT NOTES FOR NEWBIES Striking Up The Right Conversation The next step is how to talk to people.


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