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I'm just now getting in and have to deal with a few things first.

Jadusable H: Yeah sorry again, this has been a hectic night Jadusable H: Thanks for baring with me Jadusable H: Just a bit longer Jadusable H: =\ Anegative: Twss Jadusable H: Alright, ready to go now.

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I gotta say, Chatango isnt for social rejects or any of that. Alot of attention whores(Mostly these so called `goth or scenes`)These so called `elite RPers` Saying that ***RP ONLY; DONT SAY HI OR HELLO OR U WILL BE BLOCKED*** And the worst of all: Original people.

Daniels Sun, January 29, 2017 – A Vaccination for Door Knobs and Toilet Seats Healing with Dr.

Daniels Tue, January 24, 2017 – A Vaccination for Door Knobs and Toilet Seats Healing with Dr.

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This Q&A was held by Alex Hall on January 28, 2012 in the Knights of Theet Chatango. EST, thanks for your understanding and looking forward to talking with you guys! Jadusable H: Let me get set up here Jadusable H: Hows everyone doing?

Gonna have to kick this off about fifteen minutes later than planned.

We can do more of these later in the coming weeks too Sephiriam: "You said one theory got close to figuring out what happened, which one was it" Jadusable H: Haha, yeah I remember that.

He got a lot of things spot on, but not the entire theory.


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