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What they’re doing is a good thing but the solutions are not perfect and sometimes they block what you signed up for.This is similar to humans with their habits – sometimes we have false positives and false negatives.And you can’t meet a great guy that sees how freakin’ awesome you are, adores you and pursues you??? Ladies, you are going to love this episode of the Dating Den! Not only are you not getting the kind of LOVE you want and deserve… But how can you tell if a man is available for a relationship…

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If you have a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email account, you may want to update your password.Ultimately, everyone has a different definition of spam!So to keep me out of your blacklist and to add me in to your whitelist, add me to your address book but also follow these simple instructions: Every email system is different but I think I have the popular ones covered.Reuters just broke a story about a password breach said to affect more than 250 million webmail accounts around the world.The claims come from an American cyberinvestigation company that has reported on giant data breaches before: Hold Security.The company’s founder, Alex Holden, reportedly told Reuters that: The database supposedly contained “credentials,” or what Reuters referred to as “usernames and passwords,” implying that the breached data might very well let crooks right into the affected accounts without further hacking or cracking.


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