Dating noblet clarinet

The longer headjoint is tuneable, but the head is not metal-lined, barrel does not move. Measurements: - total length 66.5 / 66 cm - middle of the embouchure to the end 58.2 / 58.7 cm - length of head 21.3 / 20.8 cm - embouchure 1 / 1.3 cm Cortellini: Torino - Italy around 1850An interesting 6 keyed horn mounted Italian boxwood flute in remarkable good original condition, bearing the maker's stamp on every joint: a "Lyra", Cortellini, a Torino, some kind of "Star". 5 horn rings and tunable horn end cap, tunable head joint.

Measurements: - total length 62.3 cm - middle of the embouchure to the end 53.5 cm - length of head incl.

It is more than ever a case of "buyer beware" as many companies who advertise their clarinets as made within the UK or USA are, whilst legally permitted to do so, misleading their customers.Cahusac: London - England around 1800A rare original one keyed ring mounted boxwood flute bearing the maker's stamp on every joint: Cahusac, London. Dresden around 1800Very nice 1 keyed boxwood flute, stamped on the headjoint; Dresden. The boxwood in very good original condition, no cracks, the horn mounts are age chipped. Open hole, very firm, solid silver with silver stamp, needs setup and old pads replaced, original leather case stamped in gold letters: Bonneville, 140 Ro Richard Lenoir, Paris.Almost perfect condition except for the split ring on the foot joint. Measurements: - total length 68.3 cm - middle of the embouchure to the end 60.3 cm - embouchure 1.2 cm - length of head joint 23.2 cm Monzani & Co.: London - England around 1840An all original 7 keyed bone mounted boxwood flute stamped on every joint: -Crown- Monzani & Co.The BBBb was supposedly the lowest pitched wind instrument ever, going down nearly an octave below the piano keyboard.One or the other of them was supposedly lying around the Paris factory as late as the 1970s, but no sign of them has been seen or heard since.Please keep in mind that most catalogs were dated on the back and should be trusted more than the serial number list.


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