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On the other hand, the beautiful half of humanity feels nostalgia for "the old days" when the gentlemen wrote ardent letters, sang the serenades under the balcony, and stored handkerchiefs “occasionally” dropped by their beloved ladies. Probably, the ability to combine romance and assertiveness are the main keys to the hearts of Russian girls. Russian dating culture has some characteristics, but basically, it is not much different from the relationship between the sexes in other parts of the world. There is a symbol of good intentions to another person beyond the bouquet of flowers. It's good to be an original man who can surprise women. But you need to know an attitude of another person to such things before arranging surprises.

We are all people and we love each other in the same way. Always give an odd number of flowers because an even number means mourning and they are usually brought to a funeral or on days of commemoration of the deceased. This color meant separation once and in some Russian families they remember it. This way, you will save yourself from embarrassing situations and show that you respect your chosen one and act according to her character. Be a man and do not hesitate to talk about men's things.

How to court a Russian girl, achieve reciprocity, and not to find oneself in a stupid position? Remember that the knights conquered the hearts of beautiful ladies with the gentleman courtesy and the noble deeds.

On the one hand, all the conventions are blurred today, and the girls love brave guys who are never at a loss for words. The culture of giving flowers in Russia is several hundred years old. As we said at the beginning, Russian girls love chivalrous behavior. First of all, remember that you are the one who plans the coming date. When choosing a place for a date, do not go out of your way.

The latter is expected in 100% of cases, so do not be surprised that the girl will not even offer to share.

Make sure that you give odd number of flowers, since even number is for funerals only.

Also, try to avoid yellow flowers – they are a symbol of separation or break-up.

So, how did Russian dating become your topic of interest?

Maybe you have developed a long distant relationship with an online match in Russia or are curious to ask out the cute Russian girl two doors down.


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