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All Paws lists more than 200,000 loveable pets in need of a forever home.

To adopt a pet, start by searching by pet type, breed, & location, and then expand your search by distance, size, gender and more in order to find the right match for pet rescue and pet adoption. Once you indicate what kind of furry, fluffy or feathered friend you are interested in, you can narrow down your matches by customizing from over 30 different advanced search filters.

All features you expect in a dating site plus:- FREE: Absolutely free.

No charges at all.- NO TIES: Delete your profile whenever you want- SECURE: Best practices to block abuses- ANONYMOUS: Don't have to say your name- SUPPORT: Personal help when you need it Try us and find why everyone is joining here!

We’ve worked with different animals at the Zoo including our first members: Davey the Quokka, Jack the Koala and Candy the Sugar Glider. Forget puppy love, Davey the Quokka is looking for someone to take selfies with while enjoying a jar of peanut butter!

Jack, known to the other Koalas as a bit of a ‘womaniser’, is now ready to settle down and is looking for a partner who is willing to look past his chequered history and penchant for Eucalyptus Candy the Sugar Glider is just looking for a high flyer who loves to wind down with a glass of fruit and partake in Tree Flix and chill on weekends a Harmony is now in its final stages of development and the site, is expected to be launched for domestic animals towards the end of 2016.

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Maybe you’ve just always wanted a horse, but were too afraid to actually pull the trigger and buy one (because seriously horses are a lot of work).

When shopping around for a new suitor, several potential deal breakers immediately come to mind.

The person you’re chatting with online could have a criminal record, be a registered sex offender, or even still be married!

According to their site, “Date My Pet online dating service is the leading online dating personals site created exclusively for pet lovers. If you’re an active, single, dog owner then your pooch is probably your best friend in the whole world.

A matchmaking personals service for you or your pets.” You can look for a date for your poodle, yourself, or both of you! This site is built around the philosophy that only other dog lovers can truly appreciate the bond between humans and their loyal companions. So, if the thought of dating someone who doesn’t like your dog makes you cringe, this might be the dating site for you.


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