Double your dating deep inner game

Characteristics we don't like in other people are projections of our disowned shadow side out onto other people through holes in our boundary.The fix is to explore and accept our shadow side, while strengthening our boundary.What keeps us safe most of the time, the thoughts and behaviours that keep us feeling secure and totally within our comfort zone, are also the same thoughts and feelings that tend to hold us back in life, as well as with girl’s.Dating takes guts and going for the girl requires stamina and courage to take charge.More This is slides book to David de Angelo Double Your Dating Deep Inner Game DVD Program.It is a program about yourself and how to look inside yourself and become a complete person who comes to the center.Deep Inner Game teaches us the the core, reasons we lack the confidence or the killer instinct when it comes to approaching and pulling women.

Paul") and I had about the ch If you already "get" what it means to be a mature, masculine, confident man who knows what he's doing in life...

This program is not about women although it references women throughout.

It is a program about yourself and how to look inside yourself and becom...

and you have more specific PSYCHOLOGICAL Inner Game challenges, then you might want to consider investing in my Deep Inner Game program.

This program came about after several conversations that a friend (who goes by the name of "Dr.


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