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Before assuming this post, Smith was executive director of curatorial affairs at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto since 2010.

There she expanded the gallery's international reach, helping to commandeer such high-profile exhibitions as from the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Elizabeth is well known for her roles in comedy films such as American Pie, Scary Movie and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

She is also known for her work in horror films such as Jack Frost, Thirteen Ghosts, Cursed, and Night of the Demons.

Some epithelial cells, such as retinal photoreceptor cells and certain renal epithelial cells, possess immotile cilia which we now know play important sensory roles in cell function.

In addition, epithelial cilia present early in development are involved in left-right axis determination. (2013) Methods for analysis of calcium / calmodulin signaling in cilia and flagella.

Despite the diversity of cell types utilizing these organelles for motile functions, the architecture and the molecules which construct ciliary and flagellar axonemes are highly conserved.

The foundation aims to preserve Frankenthaler's legacy by publishing a catalogue raisonné, organizing and encouraging significant exhibitions of her work, and making grants in other areas of the visual arts.His newfound success in San Francisco was short-lived; Smith sustained a concussion in the middle of the 2012 season and was replaced by Colin Kaepernick, despite posting strong statistical numbers during the year, Smith couldn't regain his starting position after he was medically cleared to play.Following the 2012 season, Smith was traded to Kansas City on March 12, 2013. In mammals, for example, motile cilia found on cells lining the brain ventricles circulate cerebrospinal fluid; cilia in the respiratory tract sweep debris from the lungs; and oviduct cilia move the fertilized egg to the uterus. Former Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College. Curriculum Vitae Research Interests Cilia and flagella are found on diverse cell types including sperm cells of vertebrates and some invertebrates, unicellular protozoa, and several vertebrate epithelial cell types. This regulation is mediated in part by a signal transduction pathway that includes second messengers such as c AMP and calcium as well as a network of kinases and phosphatases anchored to the axoneme.


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