Email droidx not updating

If these procedures don't fix the problem, reset the network settings and download available software updates from Apple.

Start by turning your i Phone off and then on again.

The little icon shows that it is trying to load but it will not do it.

I've had this issue since I updated my phone on June 2.

I figured out that gmail is completely separate from the e-mail application on the phone.Hey guys, I just installed liberty 1.5 and love it. it will sync if i do what you suggested, but it doesn't continue to sync on its own. Thanks in advanced Raw Sent from my DROIDX using Droid X Forum App i have the same problem.Are you aware that if an email message is marked as read on the webmail client will not show up as new mail on your Droid? If you open a message on the server it is not longer "new mail". I was browsing the Google Bug database as I was awaiting your reply.Since you're accessing the webmail interface, you're accessing the mail much quicker than the Droid is and most likely marking the message read before the Droid check mail occurs. There is a bug listed regarding the Droid and Comcast mail that is causing it to seemingly randomly stop receiving new mail messages. id=5021I definitely understand how frustrating that can be...Pay special attention to the Incoming Mail Server section.


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