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In fact, my heart stands more on the traditional side where I look for sex after the relationship connection, knowing I usually wind up hurt in casual flings and that I actually disdain the thought of adding another one-nighter to my "list."Knowing human nature, it seems inevitable that the slip-up is bound to happen several more times (I tally five now).For the most part, these one-nighters have never been calculated.I learned a lot about breaking up from watching the romantic epic "Titanic." Once that legendary ocean liner started sinking into the drink, there were three choices: get off the boat, stay on the boat, or pause to listen to the string quartet play on the deck while all hell breaks loose.

Here you will become part of a playful dating community and get involved in numerous flirty endeavors.As a single lady who has lived in a big city for years, and now moved to a new one, I've had my fare share of one-night stands.I'd never call myself someone who makes a romantic life out of having a lot of random sex.Here's how to keep it together when you're lovestruck.We'll all seen that person — heck, most of us have even been that person. Sure, it's a wonderful, euphoric feeling, but to everyone else? So how can you come back to earth even when you're completely head over heels?They've always happened when I'm emotionally vulnerable, usually from a breakup.


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