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I've met some good people, and encountered some bad. There are awesome people on and very interesting topics.

Teen Chat is very fun place to go and just hangout and meet new ppl... I suggest this room to all my friends and I'll probably be on this site for years to come. Yet having the vocabulary for sex doesn’t always translate so seamlessly into comfortable conversations.Especially when it’s about what we want from, and even during, sex. The willingness to talk about the kind of sex we have or want to have is a key skill. ^.^teen chat is a great place to meet awesome ppl and if ya need to chat about something you can theres always a room you can find that can help your problem or just to chat, many of time i have come on to teen chat coz i have something i need to talk about with someone but find it hard to go to friends or family. I've met most of my current friends on this site! From behaviors to billboards, suggestions of sex and sexuality filter into our lives. Just thought I'd try out this new layouty thingy.. It's a great place to come when your down or just bored and want to talk to some very creative people. I love TC, if it weren't for love counselors, I woulda never met Andi, and he's like my best friend man.


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