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Christmas Eve – 2nd Day After Christmas: The entire city was shut down. It was somewhat lonely, especially since I just broke up with my girlfriend several days before.However, I am still building off of the positive experience I had in Costa Rica getting 1 bang Wednesday: Didn’t go out, but I should have. Thursday: I ended up getting laid within 1.5 hours of going into a bar on Laugavegur Street. Most couples who I know have met while going out partying, maybe hooked up a few times, and then that leads to something more, but the dating culture in Iceland is pretty much sex. Guys are not the type to go around and ask girls out. He came and picked me up, and we went to a restaurant, and I was like, "Should I pay or is he going to pay? They have to be very tough, they have to be very strong, they have to be very closed off and not emotional at all. If I only knew, then maybe I would've found him already. We don't have very much range in Iceland; we don't have very many people. But I think especially with the men here, it's all about the Viking image.

Actually, I've only gone on a real date once in my life. Also, I think without realizing it, most Icelandic girls are looking for that, and the ones who aren't go find someone from another country. I don't know actually, for real, because I don't have a type. It's very weird also, because we are so small that every time I meet a new guy and — let's say he adds me on Facebook — you can be pretty sure we have at least one friend in common, and usually it's more.You see, Iceland is one of the most geneticially pure countries in the world.I mean, heck, how many Icelandic immigrants have you met? A country of 300,000, I decided to do some research of my own and sure enough, I found stories that supported the outrageous claims of my coworker.I took your advice – I got an apartment literately where you could throw a stone to the bar from my apartment window (Room With a View – and Downtown Reykjavik Apartments for the off nights).The girl was about 32, and approached me drunk out of her mind.Before you have a hearty chuckle, let me tell you of the ramblings of one of my coworkers.


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