Is davey havok still dating brittany bowen

Which is certainly a good thing, being that Havok has made a living out of venting.

The song is very direct with its chanting chorus of “I hope you suffer/ Just like I suffered.” But it’s the way those words roll off Havok’s tongue, with just a hint of venom, that makes it hard not to think of someone that you wouldn’t mind inflicting a little pain on.

He's been dating Ivy Levan (also a model, who's with Ian Watkins atm, I think), and Matt Skiba's current wife, Monica Parker, was his ex fiance!

Not only those for saying he's gay, but for those claiming he's not gay.

Brittani Bowen, 27 years old, lives in Crossett, Arkansas. The frontman is disappointed by the tone of his band AFI‘s latest album, Burials, which is once again dark and gloomy.But Havok– born David Marchand– isn’t disappointed in the songs that make up his band’s recently released record.He actually thinks this one is lusher, more layered than their previous release, Crash Love, which came out four years ago and, to him, is a real “straightforward, rock record.” No, Havok is upset with himself, frustrated that he couldn’t pull away from the darkness long enough to write an album that didn’t focus solely on his personal pain.“It wasn’t that I didn’t want to make it personal,” Havok told a few weeks before the album was released."We don't do drugs," he says "and I think that's a really big thing in music.


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