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A fan of the blues and 1960s-era R&B and rock and roll, White began making his first lo-fi recordings of his own compositions before starting high school.

In 1990, Jack White began working as an upholsterer's apprentice, training for a life in the furniture trade.

Jack White could hardly be accused of staying out of the public eye once The White Stripes fell into an extended hiatus after 2007’s Icky Thump.

His most famous musical project might’ve been inactive, but White never stopped working. Club: You've said that you only started working on Blunderbuss because RZA didn’t show up for a recording session.

What I care about is what God tells me directly." That intense spiritual connection led a teenaged White, who long served as an altar boy, to consider going to seminary to pursue a life in the priesthood.

"I was thinking at 14," he recalled, "that possibly I might have had the calling to be a priest.

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Got his first professional gig at age 19 as a drummer in the Detroit band Goober and the Peas 8.

When Meg and Jack announced their 2011 divorce, they threw a ‘positive swing band humdinger’ party to commemorate the end of their union 9.

The way Jack White tells it – though historically, his relationship with the truth can be a little capricious – his solo career started by accident.

I’ve written a lot of country songs I suppose, but they only became “country” after I mixed them and put them out there.

AVC: You recently said that you wanted to break up The White Stripes before making a solo record, because you didn’t want to go through the “dumb perception battle of people who couldn’t be broad-minded enough to understand the difference between Jack White and The White Stripes.” What, in your mind, is the difference between Jack White and The White Stripes, in terms of the music you’re making?


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