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" I wanted an after credits scene where daddy Garrus and momma Shep are teaching their baby krogan how to shoot guns for their latest Reaper Invader film, while Joker sits on the sidelines, screaming: 'BACK IN MYYYY DAAAY' and EDI just groans in annoyance.

I won't really be doing anything with it until next year, but art is getting done.

I've never seen empirical evidence to categorically prove that statement, but now there are at least some new statistics to throw into the mix.

I agree I am not a big fan of something just ending with a friendship route.

Repeat enough times and you should get the magical ending.

, Get Your Smooch On: 7 Ways To Get A Guy To Kiss You EXPERT, 1.

In speaking of princess, I super ship Arland MC with Claremont (I'm not an alpha tester either but if he's part of a rebellion, I really like the idea of sheltered MC eventually losing that naivety and becoming a lady of war like holy crap look at that possible arc) Shakarian " often? Some of you might have seen Raphael below on a Patreon page.

All round turian bad-boy and dispenser of Justice in an unjust galaxy! Just for those who might be curious about the demoness/detective game I mentioned a while back, I just wanted to reassure you that we will have male characters/romance options planned.


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    Hottie Tottie Holiday Gift Box ()There’s something very festive about gifting/receiving a pretty red box with a white satin bow.