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Pires said Cooney’s literacy background will prove handy as the district works to improve student literacy and instruction.

The district's use of workshops to foster that growth is particularly exciting, Cooney said.“That’s sort of the work I live and breathe right now, and I just believe wholeheartedly in that,” she said.

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It rivals the size of his budget folder, but there's names instead of numbers.You'll find the Wicked Local Reader Photo of the Day by following wickedlocalpix on Instagram.And you can share your amazing images with us on Instagram using #wickedlocal or email photos with descriptive captions to [email protected] first page tells the grim story of the opioid epidemic, listing the number of opioid overdoses and deaths for each year in Milford. The numbers paint a sad picture in Milford, but it’s hardly the only town struggling with the epidemic.So far this year, that stands at 39 overdoses and five deaths. According to the state Department of Health, opioid overdose deaths have risen from 560 in 2010 to 2,069 in 2016 in the commonwealth.She holds a Master of Education in curriculum and instruction, but is also expected to complete her Master of Education in educational administration this summer, according to school district administrators.


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