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So bask in this newest Snopes entry, and enjoy the fact that you read a lot of it here first: Missing from the constellation of these hair-raising tales was documentation that abductions are commonly (or even rarely) being carried out in the described manner, as crime statistics don’t seem to back up claims that such a ruse is truly happening “all over.” Free Range Kids author (and advocate for reason-driven parenting) Lenore Skenazy addressed the uptick in such reports on social media, pointing out their illogic and pleading for a realistic approach to the growing number of social media abduction horror stories: What the heck is going on, America?

It’s just a quick, easy way to get a child or, in the case of the mom with the viral Facebook post, her three children at once.

Now, every other Hollywood franchise is scrambling to replicate Marvel’s model. In movies like , the filmmakers grapple with the most profound themes of their comic book source material: power and authority.

Who should decide how and when superheroes use their abilities?

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