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It's elemental when it comes to chemistry whiz Honey Lemon."If I met a real one, I would, probably like, let it bite my balls off if it wanted to," states Randall in a 2014 interview with Celebs Daily.While not much information has been officially released about the narrator, the New York Observer has claimed a press release for a potential television show based on the video reveals Randall as "Christopher Gordon." In addition to the honey badger, the book also includes chapters on the aye-aye, the Tasmanian devil, the emperor tamarin, the pink fairy armadillo, the tarsier, the opossum, the solenodon, the wombat, the American bullfrog, and the sloth.I was up early on Sunday morning, since I knew that they would have their Sunday morning meeting at . Even when it is soft, it hangs about 5 to 7 inches. “I’m sorry I barged in on you honey, next time I’ll let you open the door.” Aww, that’s okay, grandma, I’m sure you didn’t see anything anyway.” I said, giving her a chance to deny seeing my dick. I was naked, and searching for some underwear in my duffle bag when my grandma opened the bedroom door. Her eyes got big and she turned beet red and closed the door. Little did they know that I would end up fucking my grandma. I bet that big old thing you have gets nice and hard as a rock! Just then grandpa came into the dining room and we quit talking.


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