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A person may have one ultimate bias, and many other biases from other idol groups, or only have one ultimate bias.

She is known for her career as an actor in various Ollywood movies. She is also an Odissi dancer who has won National Scholarship in Odissi dance.

Two rivers run by Kansbahal - Ghoghar river and Sankh river, with the Ghoghar river finally merging into the Sankh river.

Literary Abkhaz is based on the Abzhui dialect which is spoken in the capital of Abkhazia, Sukhumi. Creator of the large (and free) Unicode font Quivira (2005).During his studies, he completed an internship at Monotype (Bad Homburg, Germany), where he worked on Georgian versions of various Monotype typefaces such as Helvetica and Meta. They are distributed for free, and are quite popular in Georgia. Paratype also published Dumbadze Display (1994) Dede Ena (1994), Shemokmedi (1994, based on a metal design of Dumbadze), Muki Groteski (1994, based on a metal design of Dumbadze), Geo Courier (1997), PT Kolheti (1994) and Literaturuli (1994).He created Lushgunin (2011), a monoline hairline sans using grids and circles in the design. In 2012, he created the free typeface Grammatika (or Grammatica) out of Helvetica and DIN. AS Naya (2012) is a minimalist condensed sans family. In 2013, the following typefaces could be bought at Graphic River: AS Scripty, AS Vardo (hairline sans), AS Negal, AS Vino, AS Neo Medium, AS Amplo (a wide all caps sans), AS Neo, AS Bordo Regular, and AS Grammatika. [ Besarion Gugushvili (born 1945) is a Georgian politician and a former Prime Minister of the country.It has almost all the latest facilities like concrete roads, telephone lines, electricity and above all a peace-loving society of vintage persona retired from L & T Kansbahal works.The Sankh river merges downstream with the Koyal river at Vedvyas, giving birth to the famous Brahmani river of Odisha.Resources were poured into developing the unknown place into an ideal city. All major sports events are held in one or more of these grounds.


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