Radiocarbon dating tooth enamel

On the other hand four adult skulls, associated with the perimeter, were damaged by sword blows.These might be the heads of sacrificial victims, or they could, possibly, be the heads of vanquished enemies:“...Early humans may have lived on the North American continent 130,000 years ago, more than 100,000 years earlier than scientists previously believed, according to a new study.The research examined ancient mastodon bones that bore "conclusive" signs of being handled by intelligent beings, the researchers said.when they [Gallic warriors] depart from the battle they hang the heads of their enemies from the necks of their horses, and, when they have brought them home, nail the spectacle to the entrance of their homes.At any rate, says that he himself saw this spectacle in many places, and that, although at first he loathed it, afterwards, through his familiarity with it, he could bear it calmly.When a new freeway was being constructed near San Diego in the early 1990s, one of the excavators hit what seemed like an ancient pile of animal bones.

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The arrangement of the bones at Cerutti suggests the early appearance of humans at the site, the researchers said.[In Photos: 130,000-Year-Old Evidence of Humans in California]" data-reactid="24"But more than 20 years later, the site, called Cerutti (after one of its discoverers Richard Cerutti of San Diego Natural History Museum), may be rewriting the understanding of human presence in the New World.[In Photos: 130,000-Year-Old Evidence of Humans in California]"The bones were positioned in quite an unusual way," said Thomas Deméré, a paleontologist at the San Diego Natural History Museum and lead author of the new study. Femur heads were found side by side in very distinct clusters, and the bones were fractured in a spiral way, which led us to believe that humans must have been processing those mastodon limb bones."used as hammers and anvils to process the bones, the researchers said." data-reactid="27"The layer of finely grained sand silt holding the bones was completely intact, but within it, the researchers found several large cobbles with signs of wear.Analysis of their bones indicate they shared a rare hereditary anomaly, but what their relationship was is not known.Radiocarbon dating suggests that the second burial is slightly later than that of the Archer.The heads of enemies of high repute, however, they used to embalm in and exhibit to strangers, and they would not deign to give them back even for a ransom of an equal weight of gold.


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