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Pick out your trim and have the new stuff ready to go so you don’t have to stop your project in the middle.Once you have new trim for each fixture, you’re literally only a few minutes away from totally updated recessed kitchen lights. You want the bulbs and the surrounding fixture to be cool to the touch before you start your project.You'll find circuit breakers in your electrical box, and you may need to test more than one switch before you find the correct one.Dissatisfied with the look of your recessed lights?A hot light bulb or light bulb housing can burn the skin.

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Instead, he showed us the LED bulb and trim retrofit kits.We recently updated our kitchen pot lights with a quick fix: Our kitchen has two pot lights over the counter that I usually croped out of photos because they just looked so terrible!In the lakehouse tour, you can see them in the "before" photos, but they're cropped out of every "after" shot of our aqua makeover.You can change them in a few minutes just by changing the trim.Remove the existing trim and bulb and look up inside the metal housing for a sticker with the brand name, the model number and compatible trim styles.But once the trim around those lights starts to get yellowed and old, those lights may not look so sleek and fresh anymore.


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