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Her rarely exhibited work captures the diverse spirit of the American West, including its vast landscapes and characterful locals.

In February, it moves to the Whitney Western Art Museum, Wyoming.

Juan Ignacio Zoido, Spain’s interior minister, tweeted that the detained driver had a history of mental illness, adding: “It was not a terrorist act.” Spain’s department of national security also said terrorism had been ruled out as a motive.

“The perpetrator, of Swedish nationality and who did not carry any weapons, was arrested by agents of the Mossos d'Esquadra and the Guardia Urbana,” a spokesperson added.

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About half the butane bottles were flung from the stolen truck as the man sped against the flow of traffic while being closely pursued by police, the local police said at a press conference.

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A man who will literally have life and death power over much of humanity seems not to understand or care about the difference between truth and lies.

An ongoing reader discussion led by James Fallows regarding Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency.

(For a related series, see “Trump Time Capsule,” as well as “Will Trump Voters and Clinton Voters Ever Relate?


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