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Unfortunately, this setup makes it impossible to implement what's probably the number one use of clickable-area support (judging from dzen-based XMonad configs): clickable workspaces, such that clicking on a workspace in the statusbar switches to it. A possibility would be to provide a plugin argument and let the user decide in the configuration whether actions should be stripped.

I think that the flag should still default to false, because most people don't worry about filtering the input right now. Providing flags for the relevant plugins to disable action-stripping on a case-by-case basis seems the safest solution, preferably coupled with documentation on how to go about securing the window-titles part of the log when actions are enabled. I'm surely missing something here, but i'm not sure how escaping avoids the (admittedly unlikely, but oh well) attack: what prevents a window from having a tittle that reads as the escaped characters that will then be converted to an action by xmobar? Does dzen2 have any way to check for or avoid this particular security hole, which would I imagine be equally applicable to its formatting language? There's a The bit that worries me about that is that some people won't take the time to modify their window manager configurations to do the escaping and, perhaps more importantly, that that escaping is not a trivial operation (we can provide example code for doing that in xmonad, or in sawfish because the latter is my window manager of choice, but not for every window manager out there...

I install LXDE so that on those occasions where the nmcli Network Manager cmdline tool won’t cooperate I can get to the GUI network settings. One of Xmonad’s features is the ability to completely customize the system behavior using Haskell.

For example I have the media keys setup to use mpc and wanted to also control the fans, disply and keyboard brightness.

One of the fairly recent chances I’ve made is to switch to a tiling window manager.

For those too lazy to read the Wikipedia entry: A tiling window manager automatically arranges the open windows to fill the available space of the screen - saving you the job of arranging the windows yourself.

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For years I have dual booted my Macbook with Fedora.

The dual boot install with Fedora 19 works pretty well, I shrank the OSX disk using the Disk Utility (filesystem operations are always safer when using native tools), and then booted from a USB install of Fedora 19 Beta or maybe slightly newer — the final release isn’t for a few more weeks but things are looking pretty stable.

It has been a few weeks since I did the install so I am not sure if I used autopart or custom.

-- -- A tagging example: -- -- workspaces = ["web", "irc", "code" ] map show [4..9] -- my Workspaces = ["1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9"] -- Border colors for unfocused and focused windows, respectively.

The number of workspaces is determined by the length -- of this list.


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