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and if we have the patience to figure out their oh-so-confusing three-bin system maybe we’ve saved a tree.Even when behavior analysts are not doing so overtly, they may indeed be tracking the behavior of others without any tools (I am guilty of this myself especially when I see someone engage in a specific behavior at a high frequency).Last summer in Miami Toulsons innovative production of Robert Wards The Crucible received considerable critical acclaim.The South Florida Classical Review stated that there was a naturalistic feeling to Toulsons stagingthat served the drama well.I have to remember to take off my academic hat and put on my dating hat.

relishes the process of taking a show from the score to the stage, leaving his mark on the grandest of art forms., a new opera by Michael Ching, for Tri-Cities Opera.By Jennifer Wade, Ph D Guest Author I’ve always been a fan of people watching; any opportunity when I can watch individuals interact with one another has been engaging.In fact, if it were socially appropriate we’d probably see behavior analysts in public places with tally counters and data sheets to record data on a myriad number of human behaviors.For myself and various colleagues, it’s been a popular assignment to give undergraduates in introductory behavior analysis classes…collect data on some human behavior that occurs in a public place that is measurable and observable.“The evening has been very useful,” said Samuel Innocent Sesay.


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