Texniccenter not updating pdf Redlands alternate sex

So the question I need som help for is: What is the right code?

I allready tried choosing "DDE command" and typin "Hello,you can use the following batch file to have the viewer closed every time you start compiling with F7.

I do get a document that has the words "This is a test document".

If I change the sentence in the above code to "This is a test", and build and output - the change gets reflected.

Dan To reply by email, change Look In Sig to luecking Adobe's Reader?

Another possibility is forgetting to save the amended file.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any way to revert back to the random repository, so I reinstalled Miktex, and left the Package repository option on random.

Please go to miktex directory and try to find (Miktex option).

However, say after doing the above, I change the code to this: Now if I build and output, I don't get "Hello World!

" in the output, I get the last thing I had before making this change ("This is a test").


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