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The official HBO synopsis for next week's episoden states: "Sookie (Anna Paquin) retreats in confusion. Jason (Ryan Kwanten) exercises uncharacteristic restraint, while Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) faces a dilemma after being caught in a lie." In next week's episode, Bill will not feed off Sarah Newlin as he thought that it is his fault that he ended up the way he did.

Bill is feeling like he and Eric are death and that is all they can give Sookie.

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(Sundays, 9 pm/ET, HBO; a marathon of Episodes 1 through 8 will air Halloween night), we still aren't even close to solving the show's central mystery: Who's killing all of Bon Temps' ladies?LAFAYETTEFOR HIM Lafayette is a bit of a shady entrepreneur who makes porn and might be a prostitute.ended its sixth season with “Radioactive,” an episode that may or may not have seen the death of Eric and the formation of an unholy human/vampire alliance.THIS IS A SPOILER-FREE ZONE.) So let's look at the likely suspects: SAM MERLOTTEFOR HIM Like most men in town, Sam has a crush on Sookie, who is currently dating Bill, a vampire.He has been spotted streaking naked across a meadow, and then lied about it.To make Sookie more interesting as Harris would have "to live with Sookie" while writing, she decided to have the character partake on a relationship with a vampire as an introduction to a foreign world.


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