Updating hackintosh to 10 5 5

Preamble: just in case if you need a guide to install hackintosh, you may find it here.

Recently I’ve updated my hackintosh from 10.8.2 to 10.8.5 and initially I tried to do that simply by backing-up my /System/Library/Extensions and updating from the App Store.

for those who have patched kernels: guys, look for your patched updates, not apple's... NOT WORKING-AFTER-UPDATE HARDWARE*** Wireless LAN device (Dell 1395(Broadcom 4315)) = NOT INSTALLED*** Sound (ALC268) device = NOPE*** Battery Indicator = NOPE*** Touchpad preference pane in system preferences = GONE*** Smart Scroll APP = not functioning--quite important ones, huh? what you did here was adding your device ID for the kext needed to wifi.

and another thing, i'm not sure about this, but the "disabler.kext" and the "DSMOS" have to do some with this process, it seemed to me that having both, the update will keep all of your kexts, somebody tell me. Backed up all the stuff, go for apple "software update", and selected the "10.5.8 OS X Update" no more no less, if you have to wait the download, do so... this for knowing which hardware was lost after the process. hehe So.to recover the lost hardware kexts (drivers), fortunately i have a personal folder in vista that has my necessary kexts for my system. you can find them too in my last post here : First of all, re-installed the sound kexts (Voodoo HDA HDAEnabler) using "Kext Helper", rebooted, et voilá... Second thing, updated smart Scroll app and reinstalled the trackpad prefpane in the system as before (see my other post)..Smart Scroll and the trackpad prefpane. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------done the info.plist editing, save it and copy it over the original one inside the contents of "Apple Air Port Brcm4311.kext" opened right before, and replace it.

updating hackintosh to 10 5 5-71

Best of all would be if you have Windows installed together with Hackintosh.in my case, i only could found the disabler in my system, for dsmos, couldn't, so i couldn't know if i had something like that. done that, it will ask for a reboot, accept.rebooted, it will begin to update the system: copy the files and running scripts. for me, i found the following: WORKING-AFTER-UPDATE HARDWARE*** Touchpad click buttons click tapping and dragging = PERFECT, *** The fingerprint reader device = PERFECT*** the best of all: n Vidia Geforce with full QE/CI = Still PEEEERFECT, but still having to put to sleep the display once to get better graphics performance.*** LAN still worked*** Keyboard worked full, but not with the correct layout.*** for some people, after the updates, they found problems with the disk image mounting or usb ports. Third, reinstalled the Power Battery Indicator pkg, then rebooted. yes, i read once that the voodoops2 kext had to work without ACPIPS2NUB.kext, kext that in 10.5.6 never existed but was recopied when updated to 10.5.8, so gotta delete that kext. , you have to to this: go to Apple in system/library/Extensions, rightclick that kext, go for show package contents, it opened its contents, then open the plugins folder you now see, there it is, drag the "ACPIPS2NUB.kext" directly to the trash and the necessary to do so. authenticate is necessary for you have the "IO80211Family.kext" compliant with dell 1395 wireless device. Hi, I have a questions, with your hackintosh, can you play 3d games like Quake4 Demo or Halo Demo ?For me, the update installation lasted exactly 12 minutes.after that, it will reboot, let it...it reaches the apple logo and seems to be eternal, don't worry, it auto reboots once again, let it again.. don't be scared if your HD LED isn't blinking, let the process flow... copy this kext to the desktop, and reinstall it with the "Kext helper", doing this it will overwrite and repair permissions at the time, so this kext will be correctly autoloaded at boot. I was updated my i PC with Apple Software Update, and all still works, ops...Do not interrupt the installation process once you have started to update your system.You may experience unexpected results if you have third-party system software modifications installed, or if you've modified the operating system through other means.Update: A few users have reported the App Store becoming unresponsive when attempting to install apps.


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