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While gay women are allowed in this chat, it is predominantly occupied by gay and bisexual men.

Our LGBTQ community communicates both in chat and on the message board.

An versatile exhibitonist and streaker who likes being naked in his house and anywhere possible 24/7.

A smart nigga attracted to hood niggas with durags...

especially if a hottie chaser boy cams back with me.. Second, please remember that this site is intended for gay men of size, and the men that appreciate and are attracted to that.

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On-line singles & personals community, featuring the best looking, prettiest, and most beautiful users.

Chaser : The One and ONLY site where CHASERS come first and the guys that like us! if you wanna know what kinda guys turn me on, that'd be thinner, well built, or even slightly muscular. So I'm noticing that there's just not a lot of use on this community... This little place on the web is in honor of big guys and the guys who love them. And most of all, you're a big guy, or you are into big guys? Four, you must keep all pictures or anything there of under a cut.

I like to sit around, doing nothing, or smoking a bowl... I'm gonna turn my webcam on now, and ya'll can see it on yahoo under alaskandragon69. it's certainly no trouble either way for back, gentlemen...adios Hey guys... You may feel welcome to add yourself if you are neither, but the intent is for that, so keep your posts within that topic.

But many of the things Obama did to protect LGBTQ people, President Donald Trump could undo with the stroke of a pen.

Here's what you should know." Moonlight wins best picture drama at the Golden Globes!


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    They insure that you are in a safe environment and there is no harassment tolerated.

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    I know I’m single and I’m just up at the house, playing the guitar and being a single dad.” When the interviewer asked specifically about Braxton, Murphy claimed that the reports are just false rumors. “I went to her show, and we’re friends and she’s a very, very sweet girl, but we’re just friends.” The A-list movie star also spoke freely about the 84th annual Academy Awards, in which he was selected to host but opted out due to a producer issue.