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Time to do romantic things like we use to, became almost non existent. We consulted each other about the fact we’ve gone separate ways, and not having time for each other. We call each other to talk since we lately we don’t see each other often. I just want to put a stop to the word “boyfriend/girlfriend” to describe our relationship.To say we have broken up, that’s not completely true. I don’t deem this as downgrading our relationship, but like I said lately my workload is heavy. To use the word “friend” would resolve to something longer term.MANILA -- Comedienne Kakai Bautista on Saturday clarified her supposed past with Thai superstar Mario Maurer.Bautista, 37, performed the 1983 hit "Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) by Sheena Easton.

Despite their close relationship, she admitted that she is not hoping for anything more than friendship.But she clarified that her friend was more worried because the issue came out in public.Bautista picked from there and further explained that she was so worried because she wanted to protect Maurer from any humiliation.Eh what is up with the super sweet lovers “Mario Maurer” and “Gubgib Sumonthip? I want to shift my focus to work, something Gubgib feels the same about.” Shortly before news alleges the two lovers have broken up after Mario caught Gubgib secretly going behind his back with a fling. Well, honestly speaking lately I’ve been working a lot, so we don’t have time for each other like before. But the news alleges that you broke up because you caught Gubgib cheating on you Not at all. But before all this, Gubgib gave an interview on Woody’s show that you’re still in love each other We’ve had some discussion on this.Four years after their sleeper hit “First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love),” Thai superstars Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok still exude the chemistry which captured the hearts of fans all over Asia and catapulted the love team to fame. You have to think small always because whenever you think you’re big, you are the smallest. I listen to my parents, to my manager and also the more senior actors and actresses because they know the industry better.


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