Who is olivia benson dating in season 14

David Haden (Harry Connick Jr.)As soon as Benson first reached for that mysterious hand in the Jan.2 episode, Hayden was one of the first names that came to fans' minds.On Wednesday's episode, a woman accused Cassidy of rape when he was working undercover.When Amaro (Danny Pino) and Munch (Richard Belzer) head to Cassidy's apartment to question him, they catch Benson walking out of Cassidy's bedroom — wearing the checkered shirt last seen by Benson's companion on her flight to the Bahamas. Benson's mystery man on Wednesday's episode (9/8c on NBC). Little is known about the man in question other than he and Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) are taking it slow and that he likes spending major holidays in tropical locales.Ahead of the big reveal, we look at seven possible suspects most likely to have stolen Benson's heart."But there was something interesting between Dean and Mariska.

I think if we did our job right, everybody looking back will go, 'Duh.' But it's interesting that there's been debate."Although the identity of Benson's secret lover might not have been completely surprising, the reveal itself was pretty spectacular.

Benson's mother, Serena, was an alcoholic who emotionally and physically abused Benson.

Serena died from injuries sustained in a fall in 2000 when she was drunk, which left Benson deeply saddened. She didn't find out about her brother until they were both adults after she illegally ran her DNA through a kinship analysis.

But when visited the show's New York set for the filming of the big reveal, executive producer Warren Leight confessed that when the arc was first conceived, Cassidy wasn't the writers' first choice.

"We had initially assumed it would be Haden [Harry Connick Jr.]," Leight says.


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