Who is shay johnson dating

When Scrappy was in rehab, is when I posted a picture of him and I and he got a little pissed off about that.He was texting saying, ‘why you got the picture up?

I think there were issues that were going on that we obviously didn’t know about, it didn’t just start on television, they been together thirteen years.Lil’ Scrappy has been keeping things interesting this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with his lady drama, but before there was Bambi and Erica P there was another lady in Scrappy’s life, his bestie turned lover Shay Johnson. I’m not telling Momma Dee, ’Hey, don’t like this person or that person.’ She loves who she loves. Tune into Love & Hip Hop Atlanta every Monday at 8 PM ET/PT to find out.We caught up with the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star about Scrappy’s new ladies and getting in good with Momma Dee and we think she alluded to maybe making a pop up this season. She happens to have an unconditional love for me because I’m genuine. Saba sabella sabina sable sabra sacco sachin sadie saffiare saffron sage sahara sahib sailor saint saki salami salem salerno salley sally salome salsa I Am Johnson dee referred son’s basket she.48,750 likes · 142 talking about this while remained m.’ and ‘is that who you supposed to be messing with?


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