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Author Gini Courter explains how to design streamlined workflows, from analyzing inefficiencies in manual processes to leveraging automation to avoid performing tedious, repetitive tasks.The course also covers setting up forms and email notifications, collecting and working with user data, performing calculations, and making workflows reusable.We willl call this dictionary POST_Request Header and add the attributes according to the picture below Accept: application/json;odata=verbose content-type: application/json;odata=verbose X-HTTP-Method: MERGE IF-MATCH: * According to Share Point 2013 REST guide, when you are trying to update an item you do need to use the term X-HTTP-Method in the REST header.See how to boost your productivity and efficiency using self-monitoring document workflows in Share Point.I do have Commit Pending Changes before and after the Update List Item action on both workflows but that doesn't seem to help.We recently migrated from MOSS 2007 to SP 2010 platform.With that, the workflows can be easily integrated with other system and even with other Share Point sites.Just a simple search on the internet and you can find several examples illustrating how to call external JSON web services and how to read and write Share Point lists items using the Share Point REST API as well.

As a side note, if I am going to be in Designer anyways and if I need to make multiple groups, I prefer to make my groups in Designer as the navigation is easier with the buttons on the ribbon always being present where in the browser it takes a few extra clicks for each group that you create.A listing of common error messages that you might encounter while developing Share Point workflows and guidance for solving the underlying problem.Although this list doesn't cover every possible error you may encounter when developing Share Point workflows, it does cover those that you are most likely to face.On the workflow settings page find the Start Options section and choose the Start workflow automatically when an item is created and the Start workflow automatically when an item is changed checkboxes.Share Point 2013 brings a new workflow engine with several enhancements such as support to REST calls, elastic services and more.Same issue and same solution as the item below, "Timeout while waiting for request to complete within the sandboxed appdomain".


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